June 7th, 2002

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What's this?
G-String Stories.
What channel?
(another man enters the room)
What's this?
G-String Stories on HBO.

Continuing the absurb string of events that is my life.. I locked myself out of the house.

Without a phone. Which has all the numbers and is how people almost always reach me.

So I drove around listening to the shock jock radio and played with crayons & tracing paper and went and hung out with Susanna at Taipei Tokyo and Roger et the gang at Roger's house.

And then I found a house key in my pocket. But I didn't put it there.

Man alive, I'm really getting back to where I want to be.

Enjoying life and centering myself with my original intentions.

And it is extraordinarily good to be around people like Susanna that I feel really kinda get me and don't think I'm all weird for being who I am.