June 6th, 2002

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I am enamored with the smells back here.

Completely enamored.

I love the stepping out of the air conditioning house I grew up in, all of my life, to the sweet, decidous 'hood.

Old Wilmett, Old Old Georgetown, Old I Can Never Remember Because I Live Here And It's Just That Street Down The Way Street.

I even got the after heavy rain smell which complemented the Legal Sea Food oysters.
I sound like a gay intellectual stereotype.

Oh my god, the car I was gonna take to Toronto is completely fux0rd and I have no chance of taking it... I'm kinda bummed and in denial.
I was (really|hella|wicked|mucho|very) excited about going.

Oh well, I'll tell amper, amprrr. aammppeerr. crapx0r, ampx0r, crapx0r.

It's nice to be around non-Californians again, especially screaming down 495 listening to go-go. Kicks ass.

My dad's friend's 3 year old daughter really wants green hair after staring at mine from behind her dad's legs. I love kids. There's no kids in Santa Cruz. They're all just punks.
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Oh my god, the age test got my age right. It is "22" still, I think.

I was so shocked that I theorized it was reading my LJ account or cookie. God, I'm such a skeptic sometimes. Okay, all the time.