March 15th, 2002

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My girlfriend just rocks.

And she could kick your girlfriend's ass!

On a related note: I have made my third sexy, under-average-height geek girl friend today.

And then she threatened to kick my ass for telling her that I smelled her before I saw her.

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I'm coming to LA this weekend.

On my own.

I need a battery for Lauren's 35mm camera.

I miss my stuff.

Here's the flyer I'm made for it. I should post that to ucsc_chatter too.

LOST BAG - Army green Domke camera bag, single shoulder strap. All of my school work, art supplies and some old cameras I've had since I was a kid were inside. If you have any information about this, please, please please call me, Nate, at 831-423-7830. Cash reward, undying love and appreciation if returned.