February 22nd, 2002

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I really am the type of guy who keeps rolling his eyes at himself.

happy go lucky i am not

I just found a note saying 'find an accupuncturist in SC'. Which is a good idea.

And so is visiting that big Baha'i bookstore and retreat compound north of here.

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Oh I've made two and a half friends at Cabrillo so far this semester.

One's a guy as obsessed with type as me. He went to UCSC and graduated as a philosophy major. And has been literally homeless ever since. He can go on and on about how much Bakersfield sucks.

And the other is the rockin'est geekiest girl I have ever met. Two minutes into our first conversation she was talking about watching TRON on DXM with her friends on stolen projectors. And she kept calling my Jan Tschichold ripoff business card 'hot'. She says also says 'rock on' at the end of conversations and knew the 1:4:9 ratio of a monolith of the top of her head. She then complained about not remembering an obscure character from Star Wars due to extreme lack of sleep.

Guess which one is my favorite? = )

Oh, the half is the dykey-type I sat next to last quarter semester in Art of India and SE Asia and wouldn't give me the time of day. Only when she found out we had a mutual friend, did she get all chummy. But I think we're all a little guilty of that maybe.

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I really miss working.

They need a computer lab person at Cabrillo.

I might do that.

Maybe. I dunno.

I was thinking something more dignified, like washing dishes or sucking guys off.

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I Think My Dog Likes Your Dog
1. First Time
2-4. My Lackwords Hit tvremixes
5. Pete's B.S.

I finished my first full recording today. Took a while to find a minidisc player, but I did. Many, many, many thanks to Mark for incredible patience and production.

It's SUCKCORE-inspired wordless emo and audiocollage and 4 track bad rock – both unlistenable and undanceable. And totals sixteen and a half minutes. No lyrics or melody. I made it with a mic, a guitar, a tv and a 4 track.

I'm mailing cds out to Quinn, Keeley, Carrie, Brian, Asa, Susanna, Harrison, Eric, Eva, Thomas and Kim. So if that's not and you want one, let me know now. No charge cause I love you.

And yeah, now for the good stuff.