February 21st, 2002

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Back online finally...

Lauren got the W3.Klem.E@mm virus.

If you have a PC and clicked on a fishy attachment, especially from WST folks, scan your computer now.
Or ya just might not have any files left after the 6th.

And the earthlink supplied cable stopped working.
Blame the clams.

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I finally got a scanner.
Little slim Canon one.
Lower end, but so cheap.

Rounding off my setup.
Just need a projector now.

Why thousands? Why??
Sucks when you can only afford the remote and carrying case.

Maybe Grey is hard enough up for money to sell me his.
I dunno.
Wish I had a drug addiction that would make rationalizing stealing one easier..

whatever, I don't need one.

I don't know why I think I do.

Damn, even the TI-92 lcd projection screen would cost $400.

Ah ha! no reserve projectors.

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Everynight, somewhere around 5 or 6am I'm confronted with the same decision.

Am I gonna stay up all night?

Or cuddle with sleepy Laur.?

And then the 'stay up all night' ska song comes in my head.

think about it

I've had a few original ideas in my time, but I knew this guy once at UMBC.

He'd carry around a toaster.

Like as a pet.

Color my ass green and call me NeVada.

curiousity of a child

Sometimes I eat foods not cause I like them, but to better understand other people's tastes.

On that note, I'd sooner buy 'Piss and Vinegar' chips than 'Salt and Vinegar'.

Not that I don't like them, but it's got the edgy thing that the kids go crazy for it.

All googily eyed, listening to their punk rock, tapping their chucks and making their 'zines.

Quinn has nice eyes. I wish she had better taste in guys (read: liked me when I liked her).

Oh! If you're reading this, you should probably check out the Santa Cruz Art community I started at scart. It's for organizing/discussing/?? your projects with other kids.

I needed it. And thought you might too.