January 27th, 2002

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Mark of arkmay.com casually informed me that there is snow in Nevada.

That is so much more practical than the points north that I was thinking of.

Oh, we had another successful party last night, I stuck my head and girlfriend in the bay.

And it was a good time. Including fuckin' drunken freestyle rap, bionic japanese girl Yuna (no relation to the FFX) and traditional shots to the konami code.

What the hell? A firework just went off.
The summer must be crazy here.

Anyway, I'm totally free this week, so maybe I can get outta this one horse town.

I need a Tivo more than ever. And DSL. And more living space.

Whee. Lazy fun sunny day.

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So I'll be in LA, enjoying whatever there is there, from Thursday to Sunday.

I didn't realize it was 2000 miles from Santa Cruz to Grinnell, Iowa otherwise I'd be there.

I cannot express how much genius goes into Adult Swim. The marketing, writing, everything is so on.