June 6th, 2001

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Fell asleep involuntary around 9:30pm.

Sorry Quinn and Debbie!

Woke up around 4:40am to a call from Lauren about her misadventures on The 17.

Fell asleep to Kenshin around 5:30am.

Woke up an hour or three later and listened to Lauren's story again and many other details of our lives I have no idea about right now.

Fell asleep immediately following.

Woke up at 11:30ish just in time for work.

I have no clue why I am sleeping so much.

It's very very very very very much not like me.

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Congratulations Nathaniel Haas, you got your price of $186! By using priceline, you saved 81% -- a total of $1020.55 -- on the total cost of your ticket when compared to the lowest published fare available (at the time of booking) for the itinerary and airline shown below.

Priceline always cracks me up with it's fuzzy savings.