May 20th, 2001

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It's so quiet that I can actually hear myself think.

Or maybe that's just the sound of blood moving through my head.

And a good Fawlty Towers comes on in fifteen minutes.

I wish I had roommates and friends to watch TV shows with.

But I chose this life – and to not share it with anyone.

I'm sitting here alone on a borrowed futon in a smelly, messy one bedroom apartment still in Maryland.

Still in Montgomery County – rich but still poor, if you know what I'm saying.

So yeah, I want the summer with the crowd of Lauren's friends that come back and all the social fun that then ensues.

Though I really need to have a smoke, clean up the apartment and finish my client's site.

And then become an international rock star and renowned geek culture hero.

But you know, until then I'm still waiting to be recognized just once on the street.

“Hey Nate Haze! I read your website!”

Yeah, but that'll probably never happen.

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I just wanna go to Tokyo with Lauren and not come back.

She'd have to dropout though because her study abroad program would probably disagree with the stuff I'm thinking up.

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Lunch? Dinner? Work? Play? Family? Friends? Read? Write? Record? Listen? Post? Browse? Start? Finish? Drive? Walk?

Let's get out of this damn apartment and find out.

I am the most neurotic slacker.

And this was a look inside my decision making process.

Don't be scared. You'll get through it.

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Nate Haas: are you done with classes?
clamp38: I have one more exam Wed. night
clamp38: then I will be done
clamp38: we will have to party
Nate Haas: aww yeah..
clamp38: Deb's doen the same day
Nate Haas: oooh
Nate Haas: "how delightful!"
Nate Haas: <doing fingers thing>
clamp38: LOL
Nate Haas: <and the shrug>
Nate Haas: "yeeeeeeeeessss"

So when are we doing this gang?