May 16th, 2001

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Cheescake Factory at Rockville, MD

I often spend my Sundays with my brother and father and mom. For mother's day we went out, actually, I waited around White Flint Mall for three and a half hours waiting for our table.

The Sopranos on HBO

Then we usually all sit down in front of the TV and watch Sopranos.

After that, everyone goes their separate ways and I get to watch the shows I've been waiting to see all week, unless my dad deleted them off the Tivo.

And I hate when he does that.

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Adam a.k.a. arch_carrier, put his home phone number up for a minute or two before I called him up and convinced him that it could be a bad idea.

I think he just wants a stalker or two, any volunteers?

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So if I'm gonna ask people to post their dreams, I should do the same, especially since this is the most I can ever recall from a dream.

I was sent out on my first assignment for a magazine extraordinarily similar to Popular Science. The issue was going to be The 100 Greatest Innovations of the Past Year.

So I go into this town and it's kinda like Aspen. And met this character who's a mix between Bucky Fuller and Art Bell.

His wife is relatively odd too and kinda quiet. Domicile is maybe the best word for it.

Went shopping at the mall there, saw Bill Clintion with Hillary shopping for sequin dresses, but inexplicably he was putting them on too. I figured it was for a rich drag party or something, but I didn't ask the Secret Service guy about it.

Outside the mall, located right in the mountains, they're getting ready to show off the invention I'm supposed to cover.

It's a big inflatable dodecahedron with many chambers inside where you get in and enjoy yourself as you role around and around and around. Comparable to the sensation of being in a washing machine being tossed down a steep, but bouncy mountain.

On the outside layer there are inflatable, buckyball-type chambers where video can be projected onto (whole sides or individually) with mediocre effect. It is thought by Mr. Bucky Bell, that they can inflate this in halftime in the infield so the TV audience won't lose interest, but I just didn't see getting a quarter of the stadium going in and out in such a short time — it's just not logistically feasible.

So we all get in and we all get bounced around. We only jump enough that we don't lose total control this behemoth beach ball. It's pretty bad and everyone's starting to get claustrophobic.

At the end, once it stops, just as I start wondering "How am gonna get out of this, I don't want to crawl all the way back to the entrance," the crew breaks open big slits your compartment with their knifes. I assume they'll patch that up later.

But back to what I was sent here to do: Take pictures of the man, the invention and write a few of paragraphs about it.

The camera Mr. Bucky Bell gave me to shoot with was really kinda interesting. It said Nikon on it. It was from the seventies. It's flash was detachable, but still on a cord so you could pistol grip it in your left hand and point it where you wanted to. It's viewfinder was actually a larger projection like you'd find on a digital camcorder today. It also had a weak flashlight with adjustable weakness — it was really underpowered. But the whole thing was great fun to try and shoot with. There was a nice ghosting delay when people walked in the viewfinder.

Now there was all sorts of whiny internal politics between the college students I was with, but as that's always boring, so I will skip that.

I hadn't yet started my article, nor got any usable shots (just a few of the party), so I was beginning to get nervous though I knew I could do it and pull off something. And just about then, I woke up from all the anxiety.

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If I had a Cutie of the Day Award, she'd get it.

And Asa, tell me if I'm wrong, but she really seems exactly your type to me. Aside from the fact she's fifteen, right? ; )