May 12th, 2001

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The phone just rang now and I woke up. . .

Guy: "Is Nathan Hayes there?"
Me: "It's Nathaniel, but yeah. . ."
Guy: "Nathaniel, in a few seconds I'm going to connect you to your credit agent an-"
Me: "Who does he work for?"
Guy: "He works for the same company, NetFrist and Miran Bank. Nathaniel, do you currently have a major credit card with-"
Me: "Where are you located, Florida or Pennsylvania?"
Guy: "We're located in Florida."
Me: "Hey, I got it in the first try!"
Guy: "heh Right, Nathaniel do you currently have a major credit card with a credit limit of over $500?"
Me: "Yeah, of course."
Guy: "Then you overqualify for the particular offer I was calling about. Let me connect you with a voicemail agent who-"
Me: "Actually, I don't want your card or you to call me ever again."
Guy: "All right, I'll take you out of my computer."

And I know the karma from this shit adds up too.

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Douglas Adams, the author of the cult science-fiction comedy "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy", in this May 17, 1989, file photo, died suddenly in Santa Barbara, California following a heart attack on Friday, May 11, 2001, his spokeswoman Sophie Austin said. He was 49. AP Photo/PA, File

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I have to decipher through your misspellings and poor grammar, retype your broken links and manually load up your geocities pictures of prom and trips through the city.

You put me on your friends list, but I'm not sure why.
We're not a lot alike or have stuff in common.
You're sickeningly boring, for example.
Really though, I'm just kidding. [INSERT SMILEY]

I spend my life on this god damn thing.
And I wonder if I'm gonna clean up my room before I veg out at Asa's later.

Does it make you sick too?

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Well, turns out I am going out tonight.

1. India Grill with Quinn, assuming it's still open.
2. Cosmic Bowling with Don and Jake, possibly more.
3. Talk with Lauren, whom I love very much.