May 8th, 2001

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From Bastard Test

64. Do you consider yourself smarter than most of your friends?

I couldn't answer this one. I kinda do, but I really don't. But I still do.

So I made a quick list: Three 'yes's and six 'no's.

And really it comes down to the fact that I feel close in 'intelligence' to most of my friends. Right??

I gotta real strong feeling I'm a bastard now.

Bastard Test Result: 51% Bastard, 29% Tard (whatever that means)

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Notes and tangents from researching Colitis...

1. is available. I think he should change his name immediately.

2. Astronaut Diet !!

3. Remission and Relapse - Two things I'm thankful for not knowing personally. Chances are though, that someday I will.

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You think in the future everyone's hair will be gone?

I do. I look at naked photos and the hairstyle is always what gives the 'circa' away. In nateworld, I bet a lot of people are bald. = )

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I wished 'monkey' was slang for a narcotic, so junkies would be like, "Yeah, gimme two grams o' monkey yo."

Okay, I have no idea how junkies talk about drugs. I that's clear and obvious now. = )