May 6th, 2001

(no subject)

I'm not afraid of being hurt.
I'm not afraid of change.
I'm not afraid of anything;
But of a life left unfinished.

If one is without fear, is one without desire?
Which Calvin do you identify with: the pisser or the priest?
And I can't wait for the OBX to go the way of the Hard Rock t-shirt.

God, I sound like a weird mix of Alamut and Andy.

(no subject)

So I finished with the first dozen Evangelion episodes.
And I think like most series, I like the last adventures the most.
Examples include Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Back to The Future and orgasms.

(no subject)

I don't want to understand people in the same way anymore.

I just want to make stuff — even if I don't show it to people.

I want to work towards improving my creative and artistic ablities.

(no subject)

I had a pleasant dream for the first time in a several weeks.

I went out and got a newborn baby. Brought it home. Put it to bed. Wound up the music box, whose lullaby almost put me to sleep. Wrote in my visor: FIND DAYCARE and MAKE NEW BUDGET.

It was a nice dream, but I'm glad I woke up not being a single father.