May 5th, 2001

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Pictures from my drive up to Hagerstown, MD today to meet and hang with Lauren and Jamie.

It was nifty to meet some new and cool kids — especially to meet Jamie whom I hadn't actually talked to online.

We hung around historic Hagerstown, met these two punky gamers at a restaurant converted from a bus station, went to Borders, listened to some crappy bagpipes and a decent harpist, read some electronic music magazines, drove to the Valley Mall, bought some cool crap at the dollar store, ran into Molly from WST last year, saw Jamie's straight edge tattoo on his back, played around at KB and Spencer's, saw kick-ass Johnny Depp vehicle, Blow and drove 'em back.

Yeah, fun stuff.. it takes a little over an hour to drive from Silver Spring to Hagerstown plus traffic. = )

And the whole time I was thinking this would've made a great double date with my Lauren. . .

More pictures in comments...

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I dreamt my first performance piece concept today. . .

I stand naked with a Dreamcast controller going through my life in pictures, in addition to Soul Calibur moves, while demonstrating preconceptions with gender.

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I have been watching the first dozen Neon Genesis Evangelion episodes.
Never realized how gorgeous it was, until I took some pictures of it.
But yeah, I like the series a lot and will catch the movies soon.

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I was trying to do something a lot more "conceptual", as we say, but I will need to use the other camera and possibly a second person or a ceiling dolly to do it... assuming there is such a contraption.

And yes, this is the first gameboycam-type erotica I've ever seen — but it's still not as cool as watching hardcore porn in EGA safemode !!

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Hey, I think I might try out for Varsity. I know that I've been talking about it for a while now, but. . .

Oh wait, I'm not in high school and I don't play any team sports. ; )