May 2nd, 2001

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A small tribute to ADHD

My things-to-do list.. it mocks me.

All the ritalin and coffee in the world won't get me through today's long and draining tea-time.

I just want an afternoon nap. Or to stop staring at my work and get it done. Maybe I'll post about it and see what happens.

Fuck, somedays I wanna be a real artist, not a commercial or a pretend one.

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fuckit, tonight i'm gunna kick it 0ld_sk00l..

bring back the ol' 3o1 relay into the dotcom filet.

does that get on your nerves? good.

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My second poem for linebyline...

A need to embrace her. E major is our scale. I want to crawl all over her. O' the places we've done it. U.C.S.C. is where we're live together. And Y the hell not !!

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It's day two of part timing and it's going all right. But I think I'll need the next few days to clean, pay bills and junk. But already I'm getting a much better sense of self and balance and most importantly, quality time by myself. = )