April 21st, 2001

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Gonna drive me dad to the airport, take some pictures of a puppy, come back home and code code code code code code code code code . . .

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I cleaned my car.

I will say this again.

I, Nathaniel E. Haas, cleaned, trashed and vacuumed my car, Red (formerly Red Five) completely out.

You can see the floormats.

They're not covered in boxes and mail and saltine crumbs and broken cookies.

And you can now see the floormats.

Yeah and my apartment is pretty fuckin' immaculate too.

It must be spring cause I'm happy and wootin'.

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Something funny happened while seeing my father off at the airport today:

So it's goodbye time.. I go for the handshake, while he goes for the hug.

Then like some intimate game of paper, rock, scissors, we switch — I go for the hug and he sticks out his hand.

We share an uncharacteristic and brief laugh.

But 'hugs' always beat 'shakes', see?

So we hug for the first time in many years, maybe since I left for college.

And I think I am beginning to love my dad, again. = ]

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I love the old black & white television on top.

Just touching her brings me to tears.

I have many childhood memories of watching PBS on it.

Especially "Are You Being Served", "Waiting for God" and all those other British sitcoms on WETA.

A "pillow talking" portrait of me, as taken by Quinn.

This is what frozen dinners have to look at all day.

“Hey mister! Hey mister!
Look both ways, mister!”

“Like what if Silver Spring were in that Voyager episode, yeah...”
Tell me if you get this ST reference, I'm thinking it's pretty obscure.