March 12th, 2001

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Once when I was young, I broke my arm wrestling with my dog. I got my hand caught in her collar and the big bones in my arm separated at the elbow, making a painfully disfiguring X.

I went to the hospital. But I passed out from the pain as my mom drove me there...

When I came to a young woman dressed as a nurse was breaking my skin with a needle. Evidently, I needed a blood transfusion. The needle was attached to a tube that was drawing from a bag of someone else's blood. Presumably it was of a compatible type with mine and mostly free of the nasty viruses I had very little desire to have. She taped a part of the contraption to my skin.

And then, I fell back asleep...

When I awoke again my mother and two nurses were panicking loudly. The bed felt funny, so I opened my eyes. And the entire bed was soaked crimson. This was confusing because it seemed alike a dream. I asked what had happened. They told me the needle came out in my sleep, but I'd be okay. And after a few weeks in a cast signed by my third grade class, I was.

Though now and again, I get a distinctly sticky sensation invading the soft belly of my arms. Of a thin metal shaft being inserted underneath my skin. And I miss the bloody bed, my concerned mom and the nightingales taking care of me.