February 20th, 2001

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oh... and cause I had two flights on a severe flu I now am half-fuckin'-deaf.

I cannot properly explain how excruciatingly painful the descents were to my sinuses and ears.

I do not wish that kind of pain on anyone.

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Last night's dream involved being sexually harrased by my straight, male boss at a genetics start-up that had taken to using our newest manufactured disease to kill our competition.

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Well, I woke up outta my usual nightmare and I can hear perfectly out of the ear I didn't stick my fingers in as much.

The dream was about going back to elementary school at night being weirded out by the teachers and every bizarrity I had not realized while going there.

My companion was this reality game show host a lot like Colleen, but more fake and energetic.

Then I started seeingthese reptilian tapdole shaped things with a huge, eyeless heads and nasty teeth. When you'd dip their heads in water, they'd dart out and bite you and you'd die.

I don't believe I've ever had a lovely dream; I have these terrifying scenarios. Socially awkward situations, politically slanted nigthmares and full dangerous thrills of all kinds.

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I've got so many things to do, that I don't know where to start...

deep space nine is on.. I'd been watching kodocha before I napped..

hmm... juice......... is good.

I'm gonna lie down and let it all go.

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all right... here's what I'm gonna do...

I'm gonna set realistic deadlines for all these websites tonight.

Then masturbate and watch more anime.

Sound good? Sounds great.