February 7th, 2001

Discipline, Meditation and YOU

For me, it's easy to forget the things that keep me alive. To lose my edge and drive. And slack off from my discipline and revert to all my bad habits. But then I meditate and I remember that I do it all for you and the rest of the invisible audience.

Bleah. That was certainly pretentious. Stupid tone always sounds better when I just talk casually.

Take 2

I forget why I do this sometimes. But then I remember and I'm glad I didn't give up.


I'm a pretty undisciplined worker/hobbyist/person. I have enough ADHD to need ritalin, but I can still legally drive without the meds.

So right now, I'm going to try to make work fun! Like I dunno how, but it'll sure be FUN! Oh boy, will it be fun! And I'll be happier for it! I'll feel accomplished and people will stop yelling at me and I'll like myself again!

(Ugh, brainwashing yourself is such a put-off.)

LiveJournal (Revisited)

Okay, I just did an 'interest search' on 'autechre' and another on 'dub' came up with twenty people in common and one community.

I perused the community and joined it.

And then I went through the some of the folk's journals and websites and found myself inspired.

I like these people. These are my people. I bookmark Angela with the intention of commenting on her journal someday. I like her. I want her to know that. And I'd like her to like me too. (It's all very self-serving, but whatever.. that's me.)

Anyhoo, I feel a sense of community I haven't felt in a long time. These are my people, damn it! They understand how technology is an unforgiving bitch of a drug and the internet industry is a most ridiculous place. But even if you don't agree with that, there's just something I share with these people.

And it all makes me wanna be myself. Which is really fucking lovely. Quite, quite so.

My (Pierced) Septum

Oh, I got a shiny new 12 gauge retainer for my septum. And I can take cool pictures like this with my also new Canon G1. Woohoo!

You can't spell lame with me.