February 6th, 2001

Flat Tires and Car Servicing

Maybe I should explain. . . I had my first flat tire late late Saturday night.. I pulled over and changed it.. And this morning, I woke up extra freakin' early to get it fixed and do the 60,000 mile service thing.

Now, unless I'm a complete fool, service centers like the one in my Saturn dealer in Gaithersburg are supposed to take care of its customers, like you and me.

But you know what they did?

They rotated the tires without properly fixing it first. They put the flat tire in the front! And so I'm driving along, on the phone with them, mind you, scheduling an appointment to take care of my now horrible alignment and KCKCKCKKKKRRRKK!!

I hit rim.

I pull over, again.

And I change the tire, again.

And I don't have time for this right now. I really don't Mr. Saturn Service Man. And you're really getting on my bad side too.

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and i'm out of here and back to the service center on my spare... i usually blame myself for these things, but this really isn't my fault.

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i'm doing better.. i went on a shopping spree.. got devil speed online by mistake, smartpad to evaluate and a domke bag (army green f-2) that i'm in love with.. yeah, now only if i could get myself back home and sleep! =b

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and now my freaking lemon of a car won't go into first or second gear.

my friend says it's the linkage which is a funny thing to say to a webby geek like me.

anyhoo, back to the dealership i go! fuckers...

Funcoland Return Policy

I went to Funcoland to get a used Dreamcast game to replace Soul Calibur and I ask the pimply faced kid what game I should get. I tell him I need a multi-player non-fighting game. He says basketball. I say no, not basketball. He says Devil Speed Online and I ask him if it's multiplayer. He says yes. I buy it. I go home. I open it up. I look at the instruction booklets. It's single player offline. I go back to the store. The manager gets testy with me cause I opened the package. I explain that his coworker told me it was multiplayer. And he calls Babbages in nearby (and near famous) Montgomery Mall. He tells me I can go there get it shrinkwrapped and bring it back for a full refund. Bastard, I think to myself. You deserve your job. You really really do. So I don't know what I'll do, maybe I'll get a Dreamcast for myself. I mean, they're only $99 now. And you're beginning to see how I solve problems now, aren't you?

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i've overstayed my welcome at my friend's house.. so i'm going home to sleep.. but i'm very glad i wasn't all alone these past few days.. i love everyone with no exceptions.