Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield


Looks like I'm staying up all night, again.

Man oh man, it wouldn't be so easy if my classes weren't 2-9pm, M-Th.

And it's so much easier to stay up when I have a computer and I'm on five or six hours of sleep.

The people at eroticbodyjewlery emailed me explaining their server crashed and they'd be sending my nifty ass, serrated septum retainer soon.

I've bought a lot of things off of eBay in the past day or two with this federal tax refund I'm getting.

Including a $450 microphone I got for $200, a DI box to improve recordings of guitars, computers, &C&ERA, a funny looking, MIDI speaking drum machine from the eighties for $85, a great $140 tube pedal for $85 and PXL 2000 movie I bought with the hope it was as cool as it seemed to be.

And then I decided to pimp out my sampler (E-mu ESI-2000), which I haven't even touched in over a year.

So I bought a DB25 to 50pin Centronix SCSI adapter to attach my PowerBook G3 to it for $7, two 64MB 72pin SIMMS for $30 and a Seagate Barracuda 4.29GB 7200rpm SCSI drive for $19. Totalling under $75 with S/H. Do you have any idea how much this would have cost me a few years ago? Like at four or five times as much. It's all backwords, I tell you. The good stuff is expensive and great stuff is cheap.

I am Jack's need to feel better through overconsumption. No one makes fightclub jokes any more... maybe cause jokes need a few years before they are funny again.

Reminds how my old boss would always nostalgic about the future. Talk about how we'd take over the world, when really nobody believed in him but more importantly, nobody wanted to take over the world. They just wanted a job.

My eyes hurt. I'm gonna start a seperate journal for these boring posts. I'l let you know. God, they're stinging.
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