Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

Things that are important to me right now:

Bringing happiness to people who don't have it
Getting to bed earlier
Not having a criminal record
Making sure Sam and Raph(ael) the cats live comfortably and don't die
And Bicycle the fish too... which I just fed after maybe too long...
Waking up in time for class (this isn't a problem, but I worry about it anyway)
Making sure my stuff isn't stolen
Not getting beat up over my stuff
Keeping in better touch with my family
Making sure Lauren knows I'm here for her
Making sure everyone knows I'm there for them
Making sure everyone knows how I'm feeling
Being a better communicator
Not getting a C or lower in Beginning Photography because the teacher is an unacceptable excuse for a cunt
Being more educated
Finishing the Bible
Getting into information graphics
Finishing the fanzine
Moving to LA in a year or three
Getting in touch with Jim, my old boss
Keeping back in touch with my old friends from college, especially Liza
Dealing with my need for sex
Seeing an accupuncturist again
Hanging out with my Cabrillo sluts
Communicating better
Bettering my communication
and finally, making long boring lists that I'll look back on much later and realizing that most of these things here I've always had trouble with and I always will.
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