Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

I should be studying for my Art of China, Japan and Korea midterm.

But I thought I'd share some of the better goings on in my life.

Last night, after being up for a few days I went to this.

And it was best.

I was expecting a lot and it was so much more.

Hope it's a regular thing.

So I get there early and almost walked into this...

But then looked further down the street and saw hoodies, thick rimmed glasses and awkward stances.

Erotic Boxing??

Then I went to a Thai place with a rad restroom sink.

Had a quick beer and super spicy chicken over rice.

And headed back to the Great American Music Hall.

Anyway, there was an opening DJ.

And he played the Bad Girls Go To Hell song.

That's all I can really remember of him.

This band Crack was a very strage and interesting thing. Two masked men on the analogue synths, and two hot alien rockstar chicks on the mic and drum machine.

To me they were a cross between Bikini Kill, Los Straitjackets and the DEMO button. And they pulled off as successful as that can be.

Numbers was all right.

It's always fun when there's that one crazed fan doing his thing while it's everyone else virgin listening experience.

Moog, punk drummer and a spastic gutarist. And just lots of femmy math rock going on there.

kid606 had a fun time.

Spent more time on the fx than the last time I saw him.

So much bass, broken builds and stolen pop hooks.

It's been 24 hours later I still don't have my hearing back.

And I slept in the car on the back.

God, I love San Francisco.

I really wish it wasn't such a fucking slow drive with the hills and the traffics.

And in yet another vain attempt to get the laserjet repaired, I ended up driving the entire length of Highway 9 instead of going to Handlettering class.

It was really worth it though. All the redwoods, scenic routes and valleys.

And I'm gonna price out some studio or living space up there.

And it really doesn't look like my septum retainer is coming.

So maybe it's time for a new piercing.

But I have no noticed that all my creative kid energies are slowly coming back to me.

Maybe it's unrelated. I can't really tell. But I wouldn't be suprised, ya know?

And I'm posting these shots from Cabrillo College campus to color_theory now.

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