Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

gimme some bread and gimme some circus

Emperor Dan and I get into my car. And he rolls down the window.

We record a small portion of his album and head back to campus.

Emperor Dan then gets out of my car and is replaced by Emperor Chris.

After leaving campus (which is on top of a hill and overlooks the entire Monterey Bay), we both remark on “the nice view” and “the clear air”. And the propensity to go to the beach with weather like this. And he laughs a lot at my jokes, which is unusual but appreciated.

And then he tries to roll up his window.

But the window wouldn't go back up.

This concerns me because a few days ago, someone broke into my car using this window. And through this window, they stole my radio, some cds and a beloved car AC adapter.

So with the car in this state, Lauren, Liam and Chris drive to a Rilo Kiley and Sin In Space show in Los Gatos.

In between Santa Cruz and the rest of California is what I'd call a mountain range, but locals call &the hill”.

“Hi. I'm from the East Coast. Yes, I've been skiing. But only cross-country skiing through my neighborhood park.”

Up and down, there and back on “the 17” they go. And when they get back, I try to put the window back up.

Some scary glass scraping sounds later, you know the just-before-the-shattering sounds, the window goes up.

And I cover the handle in neon orange duct tape to discourage further use.

I'm still really, really surprised it went back up. I was convinced that my luck had run out for the week.

Fact of the Day: Southerners will often refer to window as “glass”. It's true. My grandma would confuse the hell out of me when she'd ask me to “Roll the glass up for her.” and we weren't anywhere near a kitchen or bar.
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