Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

near adventures in athena's room

SC Kids: Consider seeing W.E.T. at Kresge Town Hall Saturday and next Friday night at 8pm.

It's REALLY worth the 2-10 bucks, especially if you like personal, thoughtful and sociopolitical based theatre.

I was a little disappointed that my friend from Cabrillo wasn't in a film making out with a guy, as he promised. But it was hella fun anyway.

So I actually like Santa Cruz today. I got to my car and there was this picture attatched to my windshield, face down under the wiper.

Then I drove past the skate park and a little up Bay St, a little kid was riding a skateboard as big as him.

He was smiling. I was smiling.

So the advice I'd give is this: Don't come to Santa Cruz if you don't like hippies. Not just the chrunchier hippies, but anything and everything to do with "hippies" is here. The drugs, the love and the smell. All right here.

So then I hung out with Mark, trying hopelessly to take website pictures of Crown College. Learned about his work and boss and dreamweaver and G4s.. did you know they have this single speaker in the front that looks like a fingerprint scanner?

So these two rather attractive guys just came by Athena's room while I'm here alone geeking out between her shows. And we shook hands and it was mildly awkward.

They knocked because there's an ad on the door saying Need a HAIRCUT? Inquire inside! ask for *Al the Barber* Which is Athena's roommate that I've never talked to or even looked in the eyes.

So I want to focus on the same things I always want to focus on:

Making stuff. Stuff that entertains the hell out of me and sharing it with other people. Cause I know how hard it can get and art and music and words and love help get me through it. And I want to love everyone. And help them get through the hard parts. And celebrate, I like to celebrate.

And it gets hard sometimes with the ADHD and not having friends interested in the same things. But I gave a promise to myself that this will not stop me. I will get some stuff together.

And I gotta say, there are some girls and guys I've met online and off that just rock my mind. In the best, most inspiring way.

Ironically, they're mostly short, well spoken, funny, smart and terribly attractive girls. And a high percentage are bisecual and have been accepted to Cooper Union.

sigh... I think maybe the show was so good cause I was alone. And I'm almost never alone enough. Always around somebody. That's why I stay up all night, to stay alone. I like myself. And being around people just makes me sick with feeling so judged. Cause I don't why (cultural, psychological, past trauma?), but it does. And I am going to get over this. I am going to get over this. <>B= |</b>
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