Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

Some notes:
I have never talked with this person ever before.
Shtuff like this is always happening to me.
moc is

UB: alo
NH: hey
NH: my, that's a nasty taste.
NH: that waking-up-from-an-afternoon-nap taste
UB: abyway i got questiona
NH: bleech.
NH: yeah, what's up?
UB: ok would you call yourself a typical sexual guy
NH: hmmm...
NH: no, because i don't think that's even proper grammar.
NH: just kidding.
UB: ok, are you or not
NH: i don't know what you mean, i'm a typical guy? no. i'm a guy? yes. i'm a sexual? yes. i'm a typical sexual guy? ... dunno.
NH: possibly.
NH: never really thought about it..
UB: ok
UB: wow, you thought about this too hard
NH: i did?
UB: ok well say you have a girl friend
NH: oh well, that's typical of me.
NH: yes, lauren.
NH: someone i love very much.
UB: oh god
UB: nevermind
NH: heheee
UB: i just want to know if my boyfriend is gay
NH: what site are you coming of off?
UB: please why do you have to ask questions
NH: what's your boyfriend's name?
NH: hehee
UB: i am the one who is supposed to do that
NH: oh yes, sorry to veer from the script..
NH: now, where were we..
NH: ah yes, how else can i entertain you?
UB: ok so like, he is just gay and that's that
NH: 'k.
UB: what would you do if you werent attracted to your girlfried?
NH: probably masterbate with someone else in mind.
NH: (long distance relationship.)
UB: argh
UB: please
UB: common
NH: are you frequently disappointed?
UB: yes
NH: you sound more jaded than a christian slater character.
NH: yes, well...
NH: i have to get ready to have fun.
UB: WHAT would you do?
NH: if i were you?
UB: say YOU were not ATTRACTED to your girlfriend, this is all pretend...what would you do?
NH: oh..
UB: not real life
NH: if i was your queer boyfriend.
NH: umm..
NH: i'd break-up with you as soon possible.
UB: just a typical heterosexual boy
NH: ahh..
NH: yes, but you see, typical heterosexual boys are atypical..
UB: oi, just give me an answer
NH: your question is unclear and you're being very difficult.
NH: and not fun.
UB: i'm sorry
NH: and i think you're calling me gay.
NH: =)
UB: haha
UB: ok, nevermind i guess
NH: no, i'll answer your riddle.
UB: thanks
UB signed on at 9:17:48 PM.
NH: but you'll have to ask it in a form i can understand..
UB: ok, i want to know what a boy would do if he wasnt attracted to a girl he was dating::
UB: a; date her but not hook up
UB: b; hook up anyway just because hes horny
UB: ?
UB: or another one
NH: umm.. well, he's dating you in the first place..
NH: it matters why.
NH: why he asked you out.
UB: he liked me..
UB: i dont know
NH: okay.
UB: so what, i mean is he gay or did he not want to hurt me
UB: what the fuck is wrong with him
UB: serglkhdrt\
UB: ohh i need to get over this
NH: oh.. you've broken up?
UB: yeah
NH: oh.. i'm sorry.
UB: i said i needed a break
UB: he is a GAY man
NH: yeah..
UB: what the hell , god he never wanted to have sex
NH: i mean, i act gay, but have a girl appetite like a macho bunny..
UB: i know darling, he doesnt act gay but he is in bed
NH: oh..
NH: he might be afraid..
NH: umm..
NH: shouting at me won't make him not gay.
UB: he has had sex before, but i lost my virginity to himi
UB: i am shouting at him
NH: well, doubly so then.
NH: you're in college?
UB: no i'm going insaen
NH: or high school?
UB: i work
NH: oh?
NH: cool, me too.
NH: well, you need someone who's a better match for you..
UB: or who likes girls
NH: in bed, communication, etc.
NH: who likes you..
UB: he made me feel ugly or like not sexual or i was weird because i was horny
UB: he didnt like me?
NH: i dunno, it's difficult for me to piece together all this drama..
UB: ARHdshlsh
UB: drama it's not drama
NH: oh.. it's drama.
UB: drama is a emotion other than indifference
NH: 'k.
NH: you're not happy with him..
NH: move on.
NH: i'll just cut to the chase.
UB: i'm hurt, i cant just move on
NH: let what happen go.
UB: why did this happen
NH: happened, rather.
UB: why? why did it happen?
NH: cause it's what you needed..
UB: oh my you are mature
NH: hahahaa
UB: i like to analyze till i am blue in the face
UB: i do not take things so maturely
NH: i can be, but usually i'm not.. i have more fun without being an adult..
UB: i like to beat objects with a bad
UB: bat
NH: oh...
UB: like his mailbox
NH: you didn't?!?
NH: did you?
UB: no, i fantazied about it tho
NH: okay good.
NH: well, i have to leave you now.. can i ask you what site you found me off of?
UB: moc
NH: you don't have to tell me, obviously.
NH: oh.. damn that place..
UB: why?
NH: i should take myself off it.
UB: whhy?
NH: cause only really bored people message me from it..
NH: and they're often no fun.
NH: no fun at all.
UB: eh fuck off
NH: =)
NH: gotcha! =P
NH: so i'm posting this on my livejournal..
UB: no!
NH: you want me to take your screenname off?
UB: what if the bastard sees
NH: i'll take that as a yes..
UB: yeah take it off
NH: okay...
UB: what's the website?
UB: called
NH: livejournal..
UB: what?
UB: is
NH: click on that little info button down there..
UB: it:?
UB: theres nothing, no profiler
UB: profile
NH: oh fuck..
NH: i forgot, wrong computer..
UB: deeerrrrrr so whats the address?
NH: you'd think they could network-share that, but no...
UB: so darling
UB: tell me
UB: SLIME bucket
UB: tell em
NH: sorry.. had to take care of problem..
NH: oh.. slime bucket am i?
NH: grrr...
UB: common hit me
NH: oh?
UB: you said i was bored and not fun
NH: hehee
NH: you are bored.
UB: no i'm not
NH: oh?
UB: i'm a freaking mess, i am never bored never
NH: hehee
NH: okay, you're a mess then.
UB: do people actually read this thing
NH: that?
NH: yeah.
NH: why?
NH: it's called a web page..
NH: a marvelous invention...
UB: i dont know it seems boring..
NH: sorry, couldn't resist =p
NH: oh..
NH: now i'm boring?
UB: yeah
NH: yeah, i suppose it is..
NH: well, i try to put more pictures in it..
NH: but i got kinda sick...
NH: and couldn't get my shit together.
UB: yes i see that entary
UB: entry
UB: i HATE im emotions or physical movements
UB: like (sniffle) (gasp!) (yawn)
NH: hahaa
NH: you're cute when you're angry.
UB: (slap)
NH: hehee..
NH: ¡que adorable!
NH: oops.. i'm forgetting html entities in my old age..
NH: well, i'm leaving..
NH: bye!
UB: ciao
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