Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

don't ask me why she was on my buddy list.

INGE1771: hey nater rama!
Nate Haas: ,

Nate Haas: hey
Nate Haas: who are you?
INGE1771: guess....
Nate Haas: you're on my buddy list
Nate Haas: umm
Nate Haas: i have no idea
INGE1771: i'm on your buddy list...yippy
Nate Haas: yeah..
INGE1771: what's new?
Nate Haas: since when?
INGE1771: i don know....anything new i don't know about
Nate Haas: i don't know who you are
Nate Haas: i don't know when we've spoken
Nate Haas: i don't know what's changed since then
INGE1771: k
INGE1771: whatever
INGE1771: bye
Nate Haas: ??
INGE1771: ?
Nate Haas: if you just tell me who you are, i can tell you what's happened
INGE1771: inge!
Nate Haas: do i know you from college or dc or california?
INGE1771: haha
INGE1771: nm
Nate Haas: inge is your name?
INGE1771: yes
Nate Haas: okay
Nate Haas: have we ever met?
INGE1771: yes
Nate Haas: okay
Nate Haas: did we go to school together?
Nate Haas: how long have we known each other offline?
INGE1771: you're retarded
INGE1771: nm
Nate Haas: wait..
Nate Haas: are you that random 13 year old?
Nate Haas: i think you are.
INGE1771: yes i am!
Nate Haas: ah!
Nate Haas: i'm blocking you now.
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