Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

I Think My Dog Likes Your Dog
1. First Time
2-4. My Lackwords Hit tvremixes
5. Pete's B.S.

I finished my first full recording today. Took a while to find a minidisc player, but I did. Many, many, many thanks to Mark for incredible patience and production.

It's SUCKCORE-inspired wordless emo and audiocollage and 4 track bad rock – both unlistenable and undanceable. And totals sixteen and a half minutes. No lyrics or melody. I made it with a mic, a guitar, a tv and a 4 track.

I'm mailing cds out to Quinn, Keeley, Carrie, Brian, Asa, Susanna, Harrison, Eric, Eva, Thomas and Kim. So if that's not and you want one, let me know now. No charge cause I love you.

And yeah, now for the good stuff.
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