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My Trip To San Francisco

I woke up very late.

So I actually missed meeting Joshua, an old friend from Kalamazoo College, in "the city" for lunch.

And now, many wrong turns later I'm sitting at It's Tops, a 50s styled coffee shop on Market.

Having nothing to read or do, so I'm writing an uninspired LiveJournal post.


Wow. As advertised, these are the best hotcakes I've ever had.

I'm glad I came here. Got banana and peanut butter. Creamy, sweet and yummy.

And Rachel, the server is this incredibly nice and gorgeous Australian or New Zealander.

I think I'll try to find my way to the MoMA now while I have enough time to keep getting lost.

I wish life had a save and restore function, so being late wasn't the norm.


Okay, several hours later and countless wrong turns later, I am at the MoMA. Future reference: You can't miss the SKY-> mural. It would have helped to know what I was lookino for. I ended up driving near it a few times before I got close enough to read it's sign. Maybe I should get some glasses.

Anyway the Eva Hesse exhibit is opening in an hour. Which is “exciting”.

And modern art is so much fun than the old stuff. You get to say “Yeah, I can do that. Just give me enough band aids.”

Yeah, the stuff here is pretty good, though the architects are still so very pretensious.

Oh! I love the MoMA-brand stripes and bridge on the top floor.

And I wish I had artsy friends like John Cage's. Before now I never really had muh art going on in my life.

And my friends and are all slackers.


Yay! The gift shop is 20% off everything this weekend. Which means very cool books are almost affordable.

Now I'm in Tempura House eating BENTO! Lolol.

Everyone in the city is so nice... suprisingly.

I should make up here more often.

Okay, the opening was a formal invite only thing. But outside were these kids handing out flyers.

They said the extremely talented folks who do everything computer-based for the MoMA were laid off last week cause of the budget.

If you've ever gone to or used one of the kiosks in the exhibits, you know how amazingly cool these guys and girls are.

Rather than put effort or money in software to ensure no one messes up the computer, they glue down the command keys and right mouse buttons. Fucking brilliant.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I'm hanging out outside the Metronome Ballroom watching couples learn how to dance.

Anyway, from talking with one of the flyer people I found out that two of them were then hired back to liquidate the Flash development software they'd written for all future exhibits.

I don't know what the Board was thinking cause these guys are the best in their field. They consistantly get awards and it's just not a good move to abruptly fire them all.

I'll post more on this later maybe.


I'm cold now. Gonna go to the show.

Actually, before that I'll draw some pictures cause I forgot to bring a camera.

Damn it. Bouncer says another 15 minutes before the venue opens. Even though there's a small crowd at the bar.

Right when I walked in and there's this huge sequence of bass sweeps. It was pretty cool.

Even cooler is this Dunhill cigar box I just found in the trash.

There's a bus parked down the street called The Homeless Church. Inside four scrawgly looking guys are talking. They don't need to
with each other without having get on their knees

it's showtime! God, this is why I'm never on time. Waiting sucks.

Yes, waiting really sucks.

It's been an hour and a half. And nothing has happened. Nothing.

I got really bored for the first time in a while.

I couldn't muster the courage to talk to a stranger. So I ended up everyone in Lauren's cell phone.

Eva (and Jeremy) were sick so I talked to her for a spell. She wants to take an RV to Burning Man. And has had a few sleazy lewd con experiences.

And Nick was entertaining guests. So I only talked to him for a little while.

I'm bored. Super bored. This post might just be the longest post I ever make.


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