Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

Fifth Element is on SciFi channel. Reminding me of the girl we saw dressed up on Halloween downtown, in the “thermal bandages”. She winked at Laur.

Yeah, I love this movie. Multipass madness!

I am done with my Collage workshop class.

These housewives were crying over their dead pets and past racial discrimination.

But they laughed at my jokes and encouraged me to continue at my weirder stuff.

And there's gonna be a reunion exhibit in the administration building in the fall.

Finished product.

Oh, my classmate-types said that something a lot like this was in Amelie, so I really should see that movie this coming week.

Got home and crashed for nine hours. Woke up from bizarre dreams about watching TV with Asa's parents and wondered where Lauren was.

Man, that damn oprah remix.mp3 bullshit. Chris Tucker and the soundtrack almost ruin this movie for me.

Oh, I found a lot of eyemodule2 pics..



Maybe I could post more diddlebug drawings from my visor.
But the extraction program diddlex is such a pain in the ass.
Oh cool, it batch saves them into windows/temp.. anyhoo..


Sunset and view from our deck.

Silhouettey Lauren.


Cats of our complex. The apartment kind, rather.

World famous boardwalk and sunny Monterey Bay beach panorama.

Oh it, was hailing on my drive back home (even snowing in the mountains this morning). Lauren said her class got out early because no one could concentrate with the hail. Can we be any more silly about this?

And why doesn't Roger Lodge go on a damn date..
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