Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

Great news! We got the place.

We found it two nights ago, went to it yesterday, signing the lease today and start moving in tomorrow. How doubleplus random is that?

Hopefully, Lauren will be moving in after the quarter ends in December and my current landlord-types won't dick me around and make me pay for all of December or something.

So this place is really fun. It's got a huge shared deck with an awesome view of the boardwalk, some pier (?) and the Monterey Bay.

Pros: View of the sunset, 1 block away from the beach
Cons: Kinda sketchy and loud cause we're 1 block away from the beach

It's got a queen Murphy bed which Lauren says she's only seen in movies and is way more bedspace than we're become used to. (We haven't slept apart since before the summer but the dorm bed just sucks for sharing.)

And there's this weird 100 some year old cactus out back, where the private deck is.

The people are a mix of students, former students and ”professionals“. Only in Santa Cruz do you have to qualify people who work full-time instead of hang around after they graduate.

I'm so very stoked and excited and really really happy about this. I mean, this is so what I want out of a place and for $1000 a month (utilities included!), it's not this odious financial burden.

And I talked to my mom about it all and she seemed more positive and supportive than she's ever been. (I think it was the A- on my midterm.) And she said since they paid for my brother's way through school, they would do the same for me. Thank God I don't have to get a job, though I will probably work so I can have the disposable income I'm unhealthily used to. And I'll need to establish a job network here sometime.

So I'm gonna service the car tomorrow for these coming trips to LA and I guess we'll see how it works out, as my dad says when talking about my new art major life.
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