Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

Today was really happy.

Again, today was really happy.

I am rarely ever really happy with things. But I am tonight.

First, I overslept my design class. But I can make it all up tonight, if I try.

Then Lauren and I went to check out this great small, little apartment on the beach. Which I'm trying to rapidly move into now. Especially since it solves the cat situation (which is bordering on fiasco). Man, if I get this place, I'll have to learn how to surf. Telling Lauren's parents is another story.

So we filled out our respective applications (which was a lot easier for me) and I dropped them off after hours at the landlord's place.

(On the way there, I picked up this girl on her way to Felix College and Apartments, who happens to be roommates with a classmate in my drawing class that I'd like to hang out with sometime. Both are way too attractive. I'll shut up now.)

Anyway, then I watched an extraordinary video on Tibetan Buddhism in Art of India and Southeast Asia class. Got an A- on my midterm. And gave my palm business.crd to another older geek from DC living here, which will hopefully turn into income in some way.

And everything just proved itself right again and again.

Really great day. Really great day.

So shhhhhhhhoot me.
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