Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

Well, I was really about to give up but I did it.

And it took me 470 odd god damn posts to catch up.

I tried to take people off me friends list today.

But I couldn't do it. = /

...cause I love you all. = )

And I got all 30 tapes in Tony Hawk the other day. My final winning score was 50888. The eights – they follow me. (I was born 8/8, et cetera).

Now in pure Susanna/susie_q moments, I get stoned and play Spyro 3 which I'm half done with.

i'm ready to go,
when you are.

I'm helping make Dan/sacredlunatic's record with Mark/arkmay. It's really really really great thing to be a part of. And let's me feel more comfortable making my own music.

what are you doing now?

I really truly really really truly miss Liza. Almost to tears.

And that's who I'm making this album for now.

And then there's this anime music video.

But enough posting, I should get started on homework.

look up! look look!
do you see that?

i am the triplespace king!

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