Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

My Flight Checklist

Arrive at the office early and
 do the myriad things that need doing.

Dispel all previously held beliefs that all of my other co-workers were in the office by 9am.

· · ·

Make appointment and
 get a professional haircut.

Learn terms like 'three-dimensionalize', the basics of hair/head geometry and trends in hair sculpting products all from a tall, femmy, redhead guy with glasses—not myself.

· · ·

Ask for, receieve and
 deposit paycheck at the bank.

Resist urge to freakout when I get that teller with the bizarre cartoon mouse voice.

· · ·

Arrange time to and
 pick up wig and zines from Quinn.

Try not to get in an car accident while gawking at the college girls. Make false promise to come to Maryland during the day more.

· · ·

Pack bags and
 wait outside for Roger.

Begin reading Survivor, a book that has an impending plane crash as introduction and background.

· · ·

Check-in and
 board airplane.

Find reason to live, hastily reassess life during frightening turbulance in 120mph headwinds and then ignore desire to discuss with the pilot about why he wants to kill us all.

· · ·

Finish book and
 try to get a nap in.

Thoughts of being back together with Lauren prove too exciting.

· · ·

Get off the plane and. . . enjoy the weekend!
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