Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield


“Why the hell do they call this an 'Event'?”

I had to get a new ethernet card for my little computer.

And I'm doing well in my art classes at Cabrillo College, generally.

Lauren and I are having trouble living in what is basically a walk-in closet with a poor excuse for a mattress.

“Nathaniel is my name. But you can call me XOR.”

I bought the NIC from Fry's in Sunnyvale – very happy place. I also bought a long overdue Samsung 15" flat screen monitor with TV tuner, US Tony Hawk, Disney Remix of DDR and this German made waterproof case for my Visor that was on sale for $20.

Friends and acquaintances alike are politely and genuinely complimenting me on my drawings and design projects. If only I could stop pulling all-nighters to do them.

Today, I met Michelle, a mother from Montréal. An exceedingly pleasant lady. Both of us proved to be compulsive handshakers.

“The activity light on this card is driving my insane. Where's some tape? No, not the clear kind.”

So yeah, I haven't been able to check my email since I left DC a month ago. And now I'm downloading almost 1800 emails.

I'm going to the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco for my Art of India class. Should be happy fun good time!

And I found a room for in Aptos, which is fifteen minutes southeast of Santa Cruz. $700 a month utilities included. The aforementioned home owner's sons just moved out.

“Lord, give me the strength.”

And 1394 emails left. I'm dreading some of these. I was supposed to be online three weeks ago for work. But obviously, I haven't. Arghfuck.

My transcript from Kalamazoo College (small liberal arts) never made it to Cabrillo College (community college). Yet another thing to take care of this week.

But the second most horrible thing is trying to figure out how to get two cats in College Park, Maryland to Santa Cruz, California next week and weekend.
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