Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

I just got back from my Color and Design class at Cabrillo, the local community college.

My first art class ever. And first college course in more than two years.

I used other's pencils and erasers and bristol paper to make a crude gray scale.

It was fun.

I had no idea there was so much to doing this by hand.

Materials and media. Pull and scrub. Pallete and pallete knife.

Everyone but the teacher kinda keeps to themselves though.

So it's kinda hard to make friends, find a housemate or make small talk.

Erin, Alexandria and The Guy From Mexico City stick out the most and seem to not just be right outta high school.

They asked us to name our favorite artist. And I said world famous alphabetician Chank Diesel, completely forgetting about comic artist extraordinaire Ashley Wood. My neighbor couldn't pick anyone, so I finally nailed him down to Jim Davis.

Cause thought Garfield was funny.

And he likes animals.

Imagine the sound of me sighing here.

But the teacher is all right, I thought I might sit in other classes and change if they were better, but this schedule is really good as is.

The week before last I was in College Park, Maryland programming web apps for my original internet firm.

Now I'm a full-time community college art student in Santa Cruz, California. With Lauren. And a car.

More on the week long cross-country drive later, but “so far, so good”.
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