Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

A Conversation With Roger

Parts in bold are worth reading, in my humble opinion.

R: feeling any better today???
N: no.
R: too bad. still flying out tommorrow?
N: but thanks for asking
N: yes.
N: come hell or high fever.
N: i'm gonna post this on my livejournal, so don't say anything incriminating..
R: asa coulda left the DC with you, it woulda been ok.

N: oh..
R: ok
N: yeah, that woulda been great!
N: it always takes me awhile when i see DC as an acronym
R: my tonic fer what ails ya might work, but ya gotta like vodka

R: i was wondering if it about that
N: i read District of columbia, but then realize that makes less sense than a madlib..
N: huh? asa got im..
N: screenname's asabass79
N: hmm.. if i'm gonna post this i should tell people not im him...
R: oh, he on at work?
R: naw, go ahead make hime be social
N: but i think people will read between the lines and know i really want everybody to send him a message.

N: yeah, at work.
N: i'll make a link so people can bother him easier..
R: they made me remove all im from my machine at work...."It uses to much bandwidth"
N: Asa Bass? Ace of Bass? Like the band? That's so funny.
N: man, no i wish i was playing soul calibur all day!
N: damn you and your hypothetically kind nature!

N: =)
R: you can come over and get a quick fix if you really need it.
N: aww.. no...
N: i'm okay.
N: i got too much work to do before i leave..
R: i like the concept of hypothetical kindeness
R: you want me to return that dongle this weekend???

Auto response from N: POTTY BREAK

N: just get a replacement, you know/
N: something that doesn't freak out the ethernet collision gremlins.
R: no worries
N: 'k
R: the gremlins havn't had much to do since WWII
N: i've been worrying a lot recently, but that's therapy talk..
N: no, no they haven't...
N: well
N: mogwai..
N: or whatever it was called.
N: man, gremlins 2 was such a great bad movie.
R: you know i've never actually seen the first gremlins movie
N: wow..
N: it freaked me out as a kid
N: the barbie corvette product placement..
N: gave me nightmares.
R: yes it's that sheltered life i've led, gremlins in microwaves, umm good eats
N: hehee

R: thought i was getting sick again today, couldn't stop coughing.
N: that sucks!
R: I had to play hero today.
N: how's that?
R: Jessie, the girl at the costume shop (that I really like) had some freak in there who kept walking out of the dressing room with no pants or undies on. I got a frantic phone call to come over and save her.
N: he was bottomless?!?
R: oh so very much so.
N: oh my god
N: what do you do?

N: did, rather.
N: the longer i go without a needed nap, the worse my grammar gets..
R: the guy bolted right before i got there, but i still earned brownie points for being there to comfort her. She was really freaked cause the guy said he was coming back. I hung out till she felt better and her boss was there. go rest my friend.
R: grammer am not bad????
N: yeah, i'll post this and then get some sleep without the tv or computer to distract me.
R: is that possible???
N: yes
R: i'll catch up later then.
N: unheard of, but possible..
N: i keep coming back to lauren..
N: it's exciting to see her tomorrow
N: you don't wanna drive me to bwi, do you?
R: when???
N: i'll give you money
N: for gas and time and whatnot.
N: tomorrow, right after work.
R: sure, no money needed. what time ou gotta be there?
N: lemme double check..
N: i think it's 7pm
R: just call me and remind me at lunch and it's cool
N: 'k
R: go sleep, I'm gonna make some grilled cheese sammies and soup.
N: ooo...
N: food..
N: haven't done that today.
R: i gots me some spare cheese and bread....
N: my flight's at 7:23
R: i've always wondered if squirt cheese would work
N: it'll take a while with rush hour
N: no, it wouldn't "work", per se..
N: i mean, cannabalism "works"

R: need more brains
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