Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield


So I live in a very lovely house with a bunch of very nice people whom I all love.

Now here are some of the troubles I am having:

1) I've never lived in a group house before and there is no sense of private space.
2) I've only known some of these people for a few weeks and they've all known each other for much longer.
3) I'm the only one out of college, with a career and a non-profile driver's license.
4) Pokémon Puzzle League is a totally unpolished game released way before it was ready for me to play it.
5) When I buy food, I would have to horde some of it downstairs to have the amount I want to eat myself.
6) I can't bring myself to eat other people's food. And I certainly can't drink the last of their cokes.
7) Many opinions of me and how I live.
8) So many opinions of me and how I live.
9) So many, many opinions of me and how I live.

But all these things I will adapt to and love when I am ready.
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