Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

I'm getting my first cats in a few hours.

Driving up to Olney.

I just had to run to the bank so I'd have enough money for our dinner and the drive.

My work owes me a lot of money, from my paycheck and travel expenses.

But the comptroller is never on the ball about these things.

So there I was running down Georgia Ave, panting as I opened the door to the bank.

Throat dry and burning as I wrote out my account number.

On the way I back, I did the math and figured out my paycheck was in fact half of what it should have been.

“Bitch better reconcile.”

And now I'm just waiting until Lauren shows up here at work and we'll go back to the apartment and eat our dinner together.

She'll explain to me more about cats and what more I need to clean and rearrange.

She's an angel like that.

And here I am back on LJ again. I was in Montréal for a conference on work if you didn't know. It went very well. <sigh> But is more than time for me to get my proverbial acts together.

My shoes are tied.
And I'm out the door.

But don't you be missing me.
I'll be just a phone call away.
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